The Real Housewives of Austin

Posted on Nov 28, 2018 in Shows

I’ve done some dumb things for my show Waterbed including assembling, filling, draining and destroying an actual waterbed – the destruction wasn’t planned, but became unavoidable. HOWEVER – this upcoming show ISN’T one of them. The Real Housewives of Austin Live Reunion Special might be the most ambitious show I’ve put up. Once again, I’m leaning heavily on some of Austin’s funniest people. Here’s the Facebook page for the show. If you have any questions, ask them there and I’ll answer’em. Thanks!
Oh and you can save a few bucks with advance tickets – available here.

New Show #3: Waterbed

Posted on Feb 4, 2015 in Shows

While Jazz Cigarette, and now All’s Well, scratched my stand-up itch, I’d been wanting to out together a showcase that’s a little weirder. I left the idea in the back of my mind for half a year before it became this thing I had to do. I proposed a new show to the fine folks at ColdTowne Theater and Waterbed was born. Waterbed will be a monthly showcase of sketch, stand-up, characters, and the dark arts. What does that last part mean? It means that every month the show’s going to be a little crazy, guaranteed. The first Waterbed is tomorrow. You can check out the line-up here. Also, check out this amazing poster by Julia Kirchen Sweeney.