Master Pancake: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Posted on Jul 16, 2020 in stuff

Remember 2019? Sorta, right? Back in November of 2K19, I teamed up with Master Pancake Theater’s John Erler and The Mads of MST3K, Frank Coniff and Trace Beaulieu, and together we made jokes over the 80’s action breastravaganza, Andy Sidaris’s Hard Ticket to Hawaii. It was a fun show. Great crew and oh, what an insane movie. Now you can own that experience… FOREVER! Or for FORTY-EIGHT HOURS if you’d rather rent it.

It’s available via Alamo on Demand, the Alamo Drafthouse’s new video on demand platform.

When John sent me the video file to review I was a little nervous. This show was mostly improvised, as opposed to our “normal” shows which are written and refined over multiple screenings. Thanks to the energy of the audience, the quick wit of my fellow movie talkers, and the unadulterated cheesiness of H Ticket to H, the result is a very funny presentation. Here’s a clip:


Austin Sketch Fest Begins!

Posted on May 18, 2015 in Shows

One of my favorite weeks of the year is upon us, the Austin Sketch Comedy Festival. I’m one of the producers of Austin Sketch Fest so I will come very close to dying of exhaustion this week but I will love every moment of it.

I’m performing three times during the Festival. I’m hosting The Show of One-Person Shows. STAG Comedy will be debuting our new show Sex Week, and I’ll be teaming with Master Pancake Theater to mock an episode of Law & Order SVU. There’s so much comedy gold on the schedule, so check it out and go see something, eh?

The Next 5 Days

Posted on Jun 19, 2014 in Shows, videos

Jazz Cigarette

I have a fun chunk of performances coming up, details of which are on the Upcoming shows page. I’ll be playing a park ranger tonight on Bob Khosravi’s The Mission. Friday it’s two shows of Space Jam with Master Pancake Theater. I’m only doing Friday’s shows because Saturday it’s off to Houston with STAG for Below the Law – which is such a fun show. Sunday back in Austin for a benefit show to help Kanya Lyons. Then Monday, it’s possibly Jazz Cigarette’s biggest show yet with a full set from David Huntsberger.

Maybe I’ll see you at one’em, eh?

Master Pancake Theater: Batman Forever

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 in Shows

I’m teaming up with Master Pancake Theater for four straight weekend to- wait- shit, we’re two weekends deep already. Well, okay, for the next two weekends I’ll be sitting in with Master Pancake Theater to make fun of Batman Forever. I’ll tell you something, team, this movie had it coming. It’s like the movie right before Batman gets sober.
We’ll be at the Alamo Ritz April 11&12 and 18&19. We’ll also be in Houston April 14 and Dallas April 27. Check out the shows page for more info.
And now before someone mentions it, here’s that dumb song.