Baby break

My wife and I are expecting a baby. Did you know that? I mentioned it on instagram so I just assumed everyone knows. Well, we are. Due date is mid March. We’re excited and nervous and every other emotion your favorite movie or television character has displayed in the same situation.
I’m mentioning it here so the legion of Mac-Maniacs know that I’ll be taking a break from performing and generally scaling back my comedy commitments. The final Banter Show will be February 15th. The final Waterbed will be March 2nd. Six Shooter is taking a couple months off after our March 13th show and will return in June. That doesn’t mean I’ll be back to comedy full time in June. I want time to just be a dad and a husband, unchained from the cycle of microphone jokes. When I feel the itch to get back on stage, I’ll let you know, but I don’t want to put a timer on it
If you want to see me do my awkward, loud thing before I disappear forever, check my calendar and come to a show (I’ll be adding a San Antonio date soon). Austin: If you want to see me do a full stand-up set, your last chance for a while is this Wednesday at Cap City.

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January 29, 2019 at 6:05 PM

Your wife! That’s me! I’m your wife! It’s our baby! <3

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