New Show #2: Movie Riot

Posted on Jan 28, 2015 in Shows
Artwork by Carlos LaRotta

Artwork by Carlos LaRotta

This isn’t a new new show. Movie Riot has been killing it at ColdTowne Theater for years. I guess things got too easy for them because they asked me to join the group. Movie Riot performs the (wait for it) movie format, creating a full, never-before-seen film right there on stage. And while can I appreciate improv cleverness I don’t give a fuck unless it’s funny. These guys are super sharp and hilarious. Lance Gilstrap. Carlos LaRotta. Kirk Johnson. Kyle Sweeney. All of them are stone cold killers. And by that I mean complete goofs.

Every Friday I’m not telling microphone jokes for money, I’ll be hanging out with these guys (check my calendar for dates). To be honest, I’m intimidated because my improv wheels are a little rusty. Thankfully these guys can get a great performance out of a ham sandwich.

You’re getting a little preview of it this Friday and then in March I’ll be there on the regs. But even when I’m not there go see it. Movie Riot! 7pm every Friday at ColdTowne Theater. Improvised movies. Free margs and movie candy. Only $5. Tickets here. Thanks!