‘Bird Drugs’ Now on Spotify

Posted on Jul 8, 2016 in stuff

My album Bird Drugs is now available to listen to for free on Spotify. Enjoy!
And just in case the Spotify player isn’t showing up below, here’s a link.

School Valentines Interpreted

Posted on Feb 13, 2016 in stuff

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful day for any elementary school student. Being required to give a card to each classmate means having to select the right sentiment for friends, crushes (both open and secret), enemies, and outcasts. I thought it would be a fun exercise to examine some school valentines from the past and breakdown each card’s meaning and target audience.


Adios, Mascot Wedding Show!

Posted on Sep 3, 2015 in stuff

The Mascot Wedding Show

The Mascot Wedding Show is over and it feels good. David Jara and myself wrapped up our radio show turned podcast last week with episode 300. We ended it on our own terms and I’m proud to have that body of work on my figurative shelf.

You probably didn’t know I had a podcast. It’s fine, there’s a lot of them out there.

The Mascot Wedding Show didn’t have to be the best it could be. It was my friendship with David Jara, it was an excuse to talk to people I admired, it was the act of making something. The show checked off a lot of boxes for me. Enough to justify doing three hundred of them in relative obscurity. I do think we ended the program with some of our best episodes.


The End of the Mascot Wedding Show

Posted on Jun 30, 2015 in stuff

I realized I hadn’t talked about this on here. The Mascot Wedding Show podcast is wrapping up with episode 300. My long time comedy collaborator and co-host of the MWS, David Jara, is moving. Instead of ending our run like a dirty podcast corpse waiting to be dumped by the side of the road, our goal is to finish the program on the highest possible note. At least to me, our most recent shows have felt like the best of the run. We’re also doing some live shows, including a live recording for episode 299. So listen to an episode and if you’re in Austin, come to a show. Thanks!

A Quick(ish) Guide to Austin Sketch Fest

Posted on May 20, 2014 in Shows, stuff
A Quick(ish) Guide to Austin Sketch Fest

By now you’ve probably heard of Austin Sketch Fest. Wait, you haven’t? Fuck. I know there’s a million festivals in this town, but I’m a producer of this one, so I love it the most. Austin Sketch Fest is 6 nights of live sketch comedy, stand-up, and more. There’s not a bad show in the bunch. Here’s my quick-as-I-can-make-it guide to the fest. Tickets for everything can be found here. Show’s that I’m in are highlighted in blue.

NIGHT 1: Tuesday May 20th. ColdTowne Theater.

8:30pm – Bad Example, Magician vs. Clown, Wink Planet
2 up-and-coming sketch groups, and veterans Magician vs. Clown – where a Magician and a Clown perform with and against each other.

10pm – “I Didn’t See You There” – The Show of One Person Shows
10 of ColdTowne Theater’s finest performing complete one-person shows. Each has to begin with the phrase “Oh Hello. I Didn’t See You There.” This is gonna be nuts. PLUS I’M HOSTING THIS BITCH.

NIGHT 2: Wednesday May 21st. ColdTowne Theater.

‘I Don’t Know Words’ with Vanessa Gonzalez, the Tastemakers, Vanilla Presley
Vanessa Gonzalez does a whole bunch of hilarious characters in I Don’t Know Words. The Tastemakers are strange AND great. Vanilla Presely is a comey rap group that is very funny. “Really, Mac?” Yes, very funny.

Hot Property, AC Lerok, Chris Tellez
You like your comedy packed full with mayhem, vulgarity, and dudes getting buckwild? This is your show. AC Lerok is a rarely fully-clothed sketch duo, Chris Tellez is a funny as hell stand-up, and Hot Property is a weirdo, very often filthy sketch group THAT I AM ALSO IN.