More Mac N’ Cheese Dates Added

It looks like my “every now and then” headlining show, Mac N’ Cheese is back for three straight weeks giving Matt Bearden’s awesome PUNCH! showcase a break. I’ll be closing out the shows which feature a pretty sweet mix of established acts and some pretty new ones. Dates and line-ups are:

August 20th:
-Bryan Gutmann (Comedy Central)
-Amber Bixby (Moontower Comedy & Oddity Fest, Women in Comedy Fest)
-Duncan Carson (Sincere Tweets, Sure Thing, Laugh Dammit!)
-Jacques Ntonme (new guy!)
-Hosted by Aaron Brooks

August 27th:
-Derek Phelps (FunFunFunFest, FPIA Finalist)
-Roxy Castillo (Crapshoot, “Laugh, Dammit!”)
-John Buseman (There’s Waldo)
-Zac Brooks (newish dude!)
-Hosted by Ashley Barnhill (Banger’s Comedy Show, New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival)

September 3rd:
-Kerri Lendo (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Inside Joke)
-Joe Hafkey (Jazz Cigarette, Hell Yes Fest)
-Rob Gagnon (FunFunFun Fest, Rob Gagnon’s 1 Hour Comedy Festival)
-Andrew Murphy (Rated Rookie!)
-Hosted by Ryan Cownie (SXSW, The Hang Zone)

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