Back in November of 2K19, I teamed up with Master Pancake Theater’s John Erler and The Mads of MST3K, Frank Coniff and Trace Beaulieu to make jokes over the 80’s action breastravaganza, Hard Ticket to Hawaii. It was a super fun show. Great crew and an insane movie. Now you can digitally own that experience… FOREVER, or for FORTY-EIGHT HOURS if you’d rather rent it, via Alamo on Demand.

When John sent me the video file to review I was a little nervous. This show was mostly improvised, as opposed to our “normal” shows which are written and refined over multiple screenings. But thanks to a hilarious bunch of dewds, a great audience, and the unadulterated cheesiness of H Ticket to H, the result is a very funny presentation. Here’s a clip:

Rent or Buy: Alamo om Demand – Master Pancake: Hard Ticket to Hawaii