My full-length debut album of microphone jokes from Sure Thing Records, debuted at #3 on the iTunes comedy chart. It’s now streaming on Spotify. You can buy a physical copy from Sure Thing, or a digital version from bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

Luther Himes the muthafuckin IV did the cover artwork (as well as the package design for the CD) and the man is a design beast.

My old comedy partner David Jara appears on the final Bonus Track because it’s my album and I’ll goddam do what I want on it.

 Cover by Luther Himes IV ::

Cover by Luther Himes IV

Track listing:
1. First Blood
2. I Live In Austin
3. I Watch A Lot Of Movies
4. Dressed Like
5. My Broken Nose Story
6. I Wouldn’t Make A Good Batman
7. Choose Your Own Adventure
8. I Have Been Busy
9. First Time Seeing A Magician
10. Appled-bees
11. I Was Into The Ninja Turtles
12. T-Shirt Cannon
13. Ads
14. Squirrels
15. Walgreens At Night
16. (Bonus Thing Featuring David Jara)