Our Aliens Wedding Cake


One year ago, Ximena and I got married. It’s been a pretty crazy year with a lot of up and downs, but the downs never felt like defeats because of the strength and support I get from my marriage. Oh and we had an Alien-themed cake at our wedding.

Alien and Aliens are two of our favorite movies. We knew we wanted to have some fun with the cake (weddings are supposed to be fun, yo) and when we joked around about turning cakeballs into Alien eggs – joking turned into determination pretty quick. We made the topper ourselves from action figures and doll clothes. Austin Cake Ball did not bat an eye when we showed them pictures of facehugger eggs. We decided to go with red velvet cake inside, y’know, instead of acid. The result was pretty great and definitely freaked out our parents.

All photos by Lauren Reynolds Photography.




In case you need more proof that we love these films, here’s a short we made: