My full-length album of microphone jokes from Sure Thing Records, debuted at #3 on the iTunes comedy chart. It’s now streaming on Spotify. You can buy a physical copy from Sure Thing, or a digital version from bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

 Cover by Luther Himes IV ::

Cover by Luther Himes IV

Track listing:
1. First Blood
2. I Live In Austin
3. I Watch A Lot Of Movies
4. Dressed Like
5. My Broken Nose Story
6. I Wouldn’t Make A Good Batman
7. Choose Your Own Adventure
8. I Have Been Busy
9. First Time Seeing A Magician
10. Appled-bees
11. I Was Into The Ninja Turtles
12. T-Shirt Cannon
13. Ads
14. Squirrels
15. Walgreens At Night
16. (Bonus Thing Featuring David Jara)