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Shows I’m on and shows I run  

Date City Venue
:: The Banter Show
12/06/19 Austin, TX The Velveeta Room
Time: 11:00pm. Admission: $10.
We’re bringing The Banter Show back for one night only!

Pairs of comedians share the stage with only their unrehearsed banter to protect them. Throughout the show, random topics will pop up on a monitor to keep that sweet, sweet banter flowin’. A fun, fast-paced show hosted by myself and Ximena Blake.
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:: The Eagle Hour
12/09/19 Austin, TX Spider House Ballroom
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: $5.
Hosted by two of our nation’s leading minds, Mike MacRae and Joe Hafkey. Like their minds are so far ahead. It’s not even close.
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:: Beamed Inn
12/13/19 Austin, TX Spider House Ballroom
Time: 9:00pm.
I’ll be doing some time on this realtively new show hosted by Andrew Wagner & Taylor Dowdy. The show purports to be UFO-themed. What does that even mean? Am I doing stand-up as an alien? Help me out here.
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